A jewelry shop I founded as a means to continue my exploration with daily objects. It started with my materials and manufacturing class where one of our assignments was to explore materials and so I started playing with wire. I now am working on other items to sell in my store such as mirrors that I make in odd shapes as well as exploring other home goods.


Project:  Personal

Duration: Ongoing

Team: Solo



In Charge

When I first opened my storefront, I had no real idea of what I was getting into. All I had to worry about was making my jewelry and sending it to people. As I have worked to expand my business, I have taught myself how to maintain an instagram identity, create and incorporate a brand identity, develop a linesheet and wholesale order sheet, register for a business license, make a branded website, and do research into packaging.

linesheet_mockup_front_inside - Free 2.p


Through my instagram page I've been able to create a presence and have been working on growing my following and customers. Through facebook, Dollop also has a catalogue that allows me to tag products in my posts allowing for a direct shopping experience through instagram.

The Future

Dollop has been such an amazing project for me and I plan to continue growing it as much as I can. My next projects will be focusing on my product photography and display design for shops and photos. Dollop has been a journey that continues to give and teach no matter where I am in the process.

Dollop has become my place to create and continue my exploration and growth in design.