Memo Furniture

Memo is a furniture company based in Seattle, Washington. I worked since June of 2019 on a variety of projects. From installing shelves to choosing the textiles for furniture lines I had my fair share of experiences. A few of my recent projects for Memo have allowed me to work in graphic design to help promote their brand as well as their products.

"Made in Seattle" Icon

Memo asked me to come up with an icon for them to use to identify their work as "Made in Seattle."


Memo Brand Identity

This PDF was made to be an introduction of Memo to new customers by brand reps.


Summer Prototype Pamphlet

A pamphlet to announce the new furniture lines under development while maintaining a "work-in-progress" aesthetic.


The Mountaineers

The Mountaineers is a non profit organization in the outdoor industry. I've offered support with various design projects often with prompt deadlines. These projects allowed more graphic design experience in an industry I am passionate about.

"Stayed Home Badge"

The Mountaineers offer badges to their members. This one was awarded for being COVID-responsible early in the pandemic.

Mountaineer Magazine Illustrations

I created these illustrations for a section of the Mountaineer magazine on gear love.