Building off of the Existing AR Community on Instagram, Heirloom Focuses on Evolving an Explorative Lens to Makeup and Beauty.

Project:  Capstone

Duration: 10 Weeks

Team: 3 team members

AR Beauty Community

By fostering a makeup-specific community separate from the general IG filter gallery, we can direct followers who are interested in the development of makeup and beauty tools to a curated space. 

This space also helps create a network for those who want to build their own looks and share them with the world. Makeup influencers and enthusiasts have an opportunity to make friends and build relationships through sharing with others also passionate about makeup.


Through our instagram page @heirloom_beauty we have created a brand that is present throughout each post and the page itself. The feed itself consists of a variation of posts: behind-the-scenes, sneak peeks, artists focus, and many more.

Artist's Post

Each artist post takes a row in the instagram feed. The first post as a sneak peek to the look, the second with the inspiration again and the look by the artist, and the third post contains a quote or insight from the person whose look is shared. With each artist post, there is an instagram filter that is created for users to try the look on themselves.

The Digital Passing Down of
Avant-Garde Beauty Looks

We developed Heirloom to showcase the incredible work of makeup artists around the world and create a collaborative space where looks can be admired, shared, and emulated. 

Though Instagram is still early in their AR technology explorations, we see incredible opportunities to build fun and practical experiences that will be a new territory for brands and artists to explore. 

Heirloom is about getting weird, funky, and experimental with our faces. It’s about imagining the face as a blank canvas – an art opportunity for us all to have some fun with. There are no rules here.